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The Anna Westin Act vs. the Recovery Model, and why eating disorder clinicians need to take off their blinders and catch up to strengths-based, peer-support approaches used with all other severe mental illnesses

Dear Readers, I am writing to let you know that, to my deep regret, I must indefinitely suspend the investigative reporting and writing on eating disorder treatment and other, mental health issues I’ve been publishing on A Disordered World. Since winter, I’ve poured hundreds of hours of unpaid work into the research and writing of …

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NEDA Inclusive? Think Again

In January the National Eating Disorders Association – much to my surprise – reached out and encouraged me to submit a proposal to speak at their annual, fall conference – something I would have normally never considered attempting, figuring I’d have no chance at being accepted. But the conference coordinator, Caitlin Graham, said NEDA had run across an interview …

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This Week in Mental Health – Sept. 8 – 14

Mental health clients need to be included as an essential voice at the table when services being designed to help them are in the works, says Gloria Dickerson of the Center for Social Innovation. She was interviewed by SAMHSA’s “Voices From the Field” blog. She also talks about professionals utilizing what’s known as the “recovery model” more. …

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