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The Eating Disorders “Residential Treatment Industrial Complex”: Harm or Help? Part 1 of an Investigative Series

How An Industry Which Claims to be the Solution for Women Suffering from Severe, Long-Term Anorexia May Be Doing More Harm Than Good, and Destroying Lives in the Process When I first entered the residential treatment system, for anorexia, in 2004, I thought it would clothe me: with nourishment – mental, spiritual, and physical – …

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NEDA Inclusive? Think Again

In January the National Eating Disorders Association – much to my surprise – reached out and encouraged me to submit a proposal to speak at their annual, fall conference – something I would have normally never considered attempting, figuring I’d have no chance at being accepted. But the conference coordinator, Caitlin Graham, said NEDA had run across an interview …

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A Preview: Stories in the Works at “A Disordered World”

Welcome to my new online magazine! Here is a look at some of the stories I am working on that will be posted in the coming month: The Mentally Ill: Unchallenged Oppression of a Hidden Minority Over the past half-century, since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, minority groups such as African Americans, women, …

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