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From self-harm to self-empowerment: Using words & activism, not body, to be seen and heard

In this first piece for the online publication, Mad in America, I reflect – through feminist and constructivist, social psychology lens – on how using my body in efforts to be heard, seen, and fight against prejudice, I become an unwitting collaborator in my oppression. I look to re-storying (also known as “narrative therapy”) and …

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Dear Mr. Parker: Please stop referring to us as “crazy,” and conflating “mental illness” with violence; Dear Media: Please stop letting everyone you interview get away with this

Did you know that the mentally ill are no more likely to commit acts of violence than the general public? (3-5 percent of violent acts are associated with people with severe mental illness, to be exact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services1. Did you know that, on the contrary, people with …

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Wrestling With Survivor’s Guilt in a Crazy World: My Guest Op-ed for the San Francisco Bay Guardian

By Jeanene Harlick OPINION This is one of the ways you become that person who wants to take his or her life. It happens slowly. You’ve always known you were different. Everyone always told you that you were too “sensitive.” But it’s not about that. It’s about how you feel things: viscerally. When you hurt in …

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